Sino United Docks Co.,Ltd (SUD) is a cooperative corporation by CSIC Watts Gallop Holding Group and Nantong Dongjun  Engineering Co.,Ltd ,The core business of SUD is ship repair, conversion as well as offshore projects.

SUD IS located at Ship & Offshore base of Nantong Qidong City ,mouth of Yangtz  River, beside of East China Sea, E121°48’43”; N31°41’44”,adjacent to Shanghai port, Spanning of 500,000 sq meter and a  coastal line of 2000 meter having jetty length is 1500 meters.

The shipyard was commissioned  in 2008 and since the inception it has pioneered on offshore 、shipbuilding、ship repair as well as large scale of steel fabrication projects. It has two graving docks to accommodate ship repair business which are 100,000 DWT size dock:270m×50m×12.8m and 60,000 DWT size dock:218m×36m×11m respectively.

SUD is well positioned ahead of other industry players by having advantage of CSIC’S  mature ,advanced engineering, technical management as well as its rich ship repair &conversion experience in conjunction with Watts Offshore Engineering(WOE) ’s modern, advanced facilities, equipments as well as the French partner’s rich management  resources with reference over 10 years.

SUD can accommodate all types of ship repair & offshore projects. SUD has capability to carry out more than 100 vessels ship repair and conversion annually. SUD is well positioned to undertake large scale of steel structure and tanks(gas) fabrication projects.

SUD has strict and perfect HSE system ,which is accredited  ISO9001、ISO14001、OHSAS 18001:1999,thus guaranteeing excellent quality、safety and health for our staff as well as all customers.

Embracing a set of core SUD values :Integrity is the root of the company; Excellent service is continuous pursuit of the company. SUD is progressing as an ideal and first choice for ship repair and conversion venture to all clients of the world.

Looking forward to coordinating with your esteemed company!

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